I started off my day by cleaning around the round bale. I moved the soiled hay away from the bed and put it into the wheelbarrow. Although this task isn’t time consuming it takes a lot of physical strength and I was exhausted by the time I took the wheelbarrow to the pile of soiled hay.


The newly cleaned round bale


Once the lower pasture was clean I walked Eve. She was uncooperative as usual but eventually we got into a rhythm .After I successfully got her to walk a few laps I put Eve on the stanchion and started walking Scarlett.

Scarlett was being her usual uncooperative self. Every time I touched her tail she would walk around in a circle and end up in the exact opposite position in relation to where I wanted her to be. After a few laps of this I put Scarlett on the stanchion so I could brush her fur.

Brushing Eve is a lot easier than walking her because she knows how to behave on the stand and he doesn’t jump when I touch her. I brushed Eve until her fur shined and the chunks of dirt were dislodged from her fur. After Eve was looking spick and span I put her back in her pen.

Walking Ellsa was a breeze. She’s the most cooperative and she’s so small that when I always have the option to pick her up. After walking Ellsa a few times I washed her off. Since Donna spent her time helping Megan and Maddie with their goats that we didn’t have time to wash Ellsa. Once Ellsa was washed and dried I brushed her to loosen knots in her fur. When Ellsa’s grooming was complete Donna took a headshot of her for the Baltimore County Fair.

After Ellsa’s headshot I brushed Scarlett and Donna took Scarlett headshot photo as well. Once everybody was clean and fair ready I went home to study my goat anatomy.



Scarlett and Ellsa


About Bunmi Osias

A member of Baltimore County 4-H who is currently raising 3 breeding goats.
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