Two of the goats were napping when I walked in

Today I was only working with the goats for an hour so not much happened. I started off by walking Eve. Since the path was recently sprayed with weed killer, I decided to walk Eve around the ferns. I started off by walkin her with the show chain because I didn’t have much time and she was very uncooperative. She would zigzag instead of walking in a straight line and when I tried to set her feet up she would move her feet out of position. After 15 minutes of this u started working with Scarlett. 
Scarlett was only slightly better than Eve. I got her to walk around the ferns three or four times before she sat down. 

Ellsa on the other hand, was walking beautifully. I didn’t need to have her in the halter while I was using the show chain and she would walk well most of the time. Ellsa even let me set up her feet correctly without protest. I’m definitely going to use Ellsa for showmanship at the Herford Junior Farm Fair because she is the easiest to show. When I put the halter on Ellsa so she could walk for exercise she hated it. I’m thinking that I’ll just walk Ellsa with the chain all the une because she is doing quite well with it. 

Ellsa walking sans halter

Once I was done walking Ellsa I got her some treats. Eve and Scarlett got their treats when I was putting the halter on them so they were fine on the treat front. All the other goats in the bigger pen swarmed around Ellsa to get food so I tried feeding her out of my hand. Hand feeding Ellsa was going well except that Belle kept head butting Ellsa so she could get the treat. Eventually I poured the treats in a bowl so everyone could fight over them. Once I saw that the goats were fed I made sure that the pens were closed then I went on my way. 

Goats fighting over treats




About Bunmi Osias

A member of Baltimore County 4-H who is currently raising 3 breeding goats.
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